Huge for agents.
Massive for brokerages.
RENOVUS l VIEW is the one application you have been waiting for - from lead to listing, offer to closing - it all happens within RENOVUS l VIEW! Our goal was a simples one, create and easy-to-use operating platform for the real estate industry. One that enables the broker and agent to manage all aspects of their business from any device available. Desktop to Laptop, Tablet to Phone - RENOVUS l VIEW provides the information you need, when you want it, wherever you are.
What makes
a real estate operating platform?

The answer is centered around an age old lesson, taught to many real estate agents in their early days of agent training - treat your real estate business, like a business!

A successful business is efficient to operate, reduces unecessary steps that do not lead to profitability and offers the most complete experience for yourself and your clients.

RENOVUS | VIEW is the platform that enables you to focus on the revenue generating aspects of your business, while maintaining an efficient broker, agent, client relationship.

And, with the built in MY ASSISTANT feature, getting the assistance you need, on the mundane tasks of real estate, is just a quick click away!

We are very close to launching this product to the industry nationwide, but for now, here is a preview of what RENOVUS | VIEW will do for you, your clients and your future in real estate.


Business Dashboard.
Everything you need to
know about your business.

An easy to read, business at a glance dashboard provides you quick and concise insights into all aspects of your real estate business essentials - email, contacts, leads, calendar, tasks, transactions and more.

Colorful notifications and easy to read iconography alerts you to urgent matters to keep your deals on track!

Integrated Email.
Keeping client communications
and new leads in order.

Email is a very powerful tool, and if used properly, can be a vital link between you and your clients, new leads and vendors. In fact we think it is so important, we have made it the cornerstone of the RENOVUS | VIEW application.

Avoid the battles of who said what when it comes to making changes to a listing or remembering a client request. Attaching messages from contacts to a permanent record has never been easier.

IMAP enabled, so its easy to add a personal email account too!

Contact Manager.
Re-inventing the power of the real estate CRM.

Improve sales and revenues with a straight-forward approach to CRM. Capturing leads and managing contacts is easy and intuitive. With the integrated transaction management tool, getting contact information into an online deal is simple and seamless. RENOVUS | VIEW enables you manage every aspect of your customer relationship - from lead generation to successful close - in one smart central location.

Contact Marketing.
Sending relevant, keep-in-touch campaigns.

Keeping in touch with contacts is one of the hardest skills to master for most people. Most tools available in the real estate industry are too complicated to use and do not seamlessly integrate to other applications. Well those days are gone! Our easy to manage marketing library gives you an amazing head start for creating meaningful email campaigns.

Monday lunch.
Tuesday listing . . .

Where to go and when to be there can be an overwhelming list to manage. The RENOVUS | VIEW Calendar with pop-up notifications will help you keep your days (and nights) on track.

Remembering your to-do list should be simple.

Go beyond task management and start managing your business. The RENOVUS | VIEW Task feature enables you to better organize tasks and deliverables, helping you balance your workload.

Transaction Manager.
Finally, bringing it
all together is easy.

RENOVUS is centrally focused on helping brokers and agents close more deals. And for this reason we have brought you the RENOVUS | VIEW Transaction Manager.

This essential tool ties together all elements of CRM, Calendar, Tasks and Document Management into a cloud-based collaborative experience. All members of the transaction will appreciate the on-demand opportunity to review and sign documents prior to the closing. Get your deal done where you want to, when you need to.

My Assistant.
Everyone needs a helping hand.

The RENOVUS | MY ASSISTANT program is an on-demand assistant service that provides you with the help needed to get rid of the mundane tasks of marketing a new listing and contract-to-close, so you can focus on what matters most - The Client!

With both Broker and Agent solutions, we enable you to reduce operating expenses and achieve greater productivity for generating new business. Further, our pay@close flat fee billing makes this an easy decision. You do not pay us, until you get paid.

The essence of teamwork, we win when YOU win!

Integrated secure cloud storage,
sharing and collaboration on any device.

Now with RE | Drive your brokerage, agents and clients can rely on the convenience of having an integrated cloud storage system directly within the RENVOUS | workplace.

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